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Baby-Led Instead of Spoon-Fed

I never spoon-fed my baby.  I never bought baby food.   Before I go into the details of how I went and continue to go about feeding Caleb, I want to preface by saying I’m writing this article to merely share what we did.  Please do not feel bad if you didn’t do it this way or you don’t plan on it.  As I fellow...
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My Pregnancy Journey: Diet & Supplementation Recommendations

I’m in my 39th week of pregnancy now.  I’ve been thinking a lot about these past 9 months and how I can use my experiences to help others throughout their pregnancy.  I wanted to share some diet, supplement, and exercise guidelines I tried to follow along with some of the physical, mental, and emotional changes that I went through in hopes that it will bring...
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Do You Trust Your Sups?

Supplement use is very common and almost always necessary.  The problem is not all supplements are created equally and there are numerous brands out there.  It may be easy to walk into a local GNC or even Whole Foods and grab the first supplement that looks close to what you want, but I would warn you from doing that.  Since supplements are not tightly regulated,...
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